What is a Great Dane Chihuahua mix?

 A Great Dane Chihuahua mix is Between breeds of two dogs, which is a ​way of inventing another breed, and that’s what the Great Dane Chihuahua Mix is all about. It is usually very risky to breed naturally Because of two species of different natures at once. One is the largest breed of dog named Great Dane and the other is the smallest breed of dog named Chihuahua. As one is the largest and the other is small, these two species cannot be reproductive naturally. 

Great Dane

These are very challenging issues. So these varieties are rarely seen in the world. They could not reach the second generation due to reproductive complications. Breeders use artificial insemination. Since artificial insemination is very expensive, their research is not being done much.

An overview of the 2 Dog Breeds:

Before we discuss these issues, we need to briefly discuss the two different breeds of dogs because they have different characteristics, so we need to discuss them a little bit.

The Great Dane:

Great dane

Great Dane is known for its large size. They are terrifying to look at, but they are also patient, friendly, and reliable. The Great Dane is also known as the German Mastiff. It is a breed of German dog that came from the Middle Ages and is known as the hunting dog.

 As a naturally known alert dog, a Great Dane has very little patience and sympathy towards a stranger around the home. 


Features of Great Dane: 


  • An adult Great Dane can run at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.
  • Origin: Jarman
  • Lifespan: 7-9 years.
  • Height: Female 70-80 c.m, Male 77-87 c.m.
  • Colors: Brindle, Matte, Fawn, Harlequin.
  • Temperament: Friendly, Gentle, Loving.
  • Mass: Adult 45-90 kg.


The Chihuahua:


Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world. But They have big personalities. This is the Mexican national dog. Chihuahuas in general, retain the charm, fidelity, and a big- canine station. They’re substantially ideal as companion tykes but make for great trolls as well. 

Features of Chihuahua:

  • Height: 16-25 C.M (7-10 Inches).
  • Weight :1.8-2.7 KG (4-6 lb.).


History Of Origin: Where does the great Dane chihuahua mix come from..?


According to other design dogs, there is not enough information about the origin and history of this dog. However, some evidence suggests that the breeding of this dog has failed in the first place. Breeders first tried to mate a female Chihuahua with a male gate

Dane. It failed because of their huge and big small differences. After some unsuccessful attempts, the breeders worked for artificial insemination. But it also fails because a female Chihuahua cannot bear or give birth to a large puppy. Although the section tries to deliver the puppies, the puppies will die and their mother. If the puppies and the mother survive, their care and feeding will be hindered. Due to the small size of a Chihuahua female, the puppies will not be able to be milked, and their owner will not be able to feed the puppies by hand.


How to breed A greet Dane chihuahua mix..?


Combining a Great Dane and Chihuahua is naturally a very challenging task due to differences in work size, making it very difficult to find a breed between them. They can’t have sex because of the size difference. A Great Dane and a Chihuahua were found for a natural mate. A female with a Chihuahua. The female cannot mount the Great Dane for mating due to the huge height of the Great Dane so natural mating is impossible.


On the other hand, the only option left is artificial insemination, but sadly not as easy as it may seem. There are many barriers. The place of conception must be stretched, it is impossible for her to die. Although they are not able to give birth in a natural way to stretch, so they have to call for a c-section, this can also cause the death of the mother and puppy so we say It is impossible for a female Chihuahua to breed.

A female Great Dane can carry a male Chihuahua sperm artificially and there are a number of challenges with it. Then there is the matter of caring for puppies because of the size of their puppies and the size of their mother’s boor. This means puppies need to be fed by hand all the time.

In all honesty, though it is possible. The most effective way to have a Chihuahua end at Great Dane. Puppies, however, are less likely to see the light of day.


What does the great Dane Chihuahua mix look like..?

Great dane chihuahua mix bread

We see that Chi Dan Dan’s parents are extremists from two different worlds, so it’s hard to imagine what they might look like. There are speculations that they often have long bodies with short legs, and some puppies may look like one species.

Most Chihuahua & Great right combinations will have straight fine ears and Great Dane head shapes with slightly rounded and small snout glutes, and their coats will be smooth and short like their parents.

They look a bit like the Dutch. Due to their long bodies and short legs, when it comes to their color, they can get any type and shade of fur from their parents.


Is a great Dane – Chihuahua mix easy to take care of and how to take them..?


The needs of your Chi Dan Dane vary depending on their composition. Since there is no fixed amount for these dogs because they are a new breed of dog at once. Their needs may change from time to time due to their needs. Chihuahuas or Great Danes aren’t a species that sheds a lot, so you don’t have to worry about their hair.

They don’t need a lot of exercises but be sure to run every day to make sure your puppy is healthy.

Since the Chi Dan Dane breed does not have an ideal appearance, make a nutritious food list for your baby and consult a veterinarian regularly to ensure that your puppy’s physique is good and does not pose any health risks.

Here are some tips for caring for a Chi Dan-Dan puppy:

Great dane chihuahua mix look like

Eating Habits: 


 Chi Dan-Danes are different dogs because of the variety, it is difficult to say exactly how much they should eat. If your puppy is of medium size, they should consume 20-30 kcal of energy per day to have a healthy weight. Take advice and make a food list for her good health and check the overall health of the size, weight, action, and stage of regular health. Also, since Chi Dan is prone to joint problems, you can add foods that improve their health to your diet, such as fish oil.


Grom and cleaning:


One good thing is that the Great Dane Chihuahua mixture will not be difficult for you to clean, it is very easy to clean and sort. Much less maintenance is required. You don’t have to style the fur.


Is A Chi-Dane- Dane a good pet….?


These two breeds of dogs have a crossbred, a Great Dane, and another Chihuahua. Their ancestors are very loyal pets in different ways. So they are also called good pets.

The Chihuahua and the Great Dane are two dogs that are defensive and caring. So hopefully they will have the same mix and temperament. This design dog loves to hug the owner all the time.

These two breeds of dogs like to stay away from strangers and are always on the lookout. This can be a problem if you don’t properly socialize your pooch. Chi Dan-Dan has a fierce personality. Can be excited to see it. Since these dogs are moderate size, they can create a good apartment pet. It is an essential thing that you should have emergency training and initial socialization. The size of their names will not be fooled to make you fooled. Above all remember their mother is a Great Dane.


Chihuahua great dance mix health issues….?


Great Dane is often used to treat hip dysplasia, heart problems, and cancer.

Chihuahuas, on the other hand, are small dogs, so most of the time they suffer from colds and arthritis.

We can see that both parents suffer from different diseases so we cannot present the Chihuahua and Great Dane problems with their health since there were only a few breeds of dogs in the world and they never reached the second generation. There is no standard of health that we can base it on.


How  Big do Great Dane Chihuahua mixes Get When fully Grow..?

Great dane fully groeth

Chihuahua Great Dane mixtures are usually twice the size of Chihuahua and much smaller than Great Dane. Therefore, the Chihuahua Great Dane breed is usually a medium-sized dog. Some puppies grow up to be like Great Dane and others may lean towards Chihuahua.

Chihuahua and Great Dane mix coat colors.


The colors and patterns of are Chihuahua Great Dane mix are endless. Their parents choose what color they will look.

For example, if both Great Dane and Chihuahua wear red coats, their puppies will usually wear red fur.

Here are the main colors you can expect to see for this mix: White and Cream Chihuahua and Great Dane. The most common colors you can see in a puppy are cream and white. Puppies can have different colors or two colors. E can blend perfectly together. Harlequin Chihuahua and Great Dane Mix Great Dane and Chihuahua can both have spotted coats. If a dog has a gene of this color in them, their puppy may have a Harlequin coat.

How Much Does a Great Dane Chihuahua Mix Cost….?


Finding the Great Dane-Chihuahua mix puppy available is a daunting task for you if you want to buy a design’s pooch. However, if you ask how much it will cost to buy it, you will need to consider not only the cost but also other aspects such as medical equipment as well as general maintenance. The breeding process for these dogs is a complex one. In addition to these processes, you need to do a lot of research on the kennels and find out how healthy their dogs and litters are. Crossbreeding can cost a lot and you will find and rare. But we should not lose hope.

great Dane chihuahua mix cost

Purchasing Price:


If you want to buy it, you have to spend $ 900-3000 for a design dog, and five years ago a dog of this breed was available for $  300 but now more and more people are interested in this breed. The demand has increased day by day and its breeding process is more complicated so it is normal. The reasons for this vary, but you can usually find the best variety of these for the combination of two or more species that you want to see in your pooch.

Since there is a lot of skepticism about the Great Dane Chihuahua breed, people do not pay much attention to the breed test until more people are looking at the best traits of the breed and how they are being reared and trained after the breed has been established. ‘There is a general idea about what can be given.

 Maintenance Costs:


Chi Dane-Dane indicates the value of the work you have invested in keeping the cub. This may vary depending on your area. But if your hairy friend is sick, your general bill should include medicine, training and activity toys, special lotions, etc., which may cost you more to maintain. In some cases, you can ensure your dog.


Pros and Cons of Owning great Dane Chihuahua mix.

If you want to own a dog with this unique design, don’t rush for it, don’t ask them to give it to you. You should first weigh the alternative dogs, and your advantage to do this will come in handy.

Great dane chihuahua mix owner


  •  A great reason to combine Chihuahua and Great Dane is that you will have a different breed of dog. Since this breed of dog breed is rare, if your puppy is standing in the crowd, it can be singled out because of the different breeds.
  •  Chi-Dan-Danes are very nice pets. Many of them will find Great Dane’s patient temperament and Chihuahua’s loving nature. This will make them the perfect dog breed for both adults and children. They are suitable for any type of family, but they can create the best relationship with an active family.
  •  This mix of two different breeds of dogs requires very little maintenance, requires less grooming, and they shed less, and the owner costs less.


  • Chi -Dane -Danes are very difficult to find. Because it is impossible to reproduce naturally. Since some of them were breeding through artificial insemination, many organizations are not developing it.
  •  Because they are very expensive to breed artificially. Artificial insemination and C-sections also increase their cost a lot.
  • As they are a rare species, their health problems have not been identified yet. They may suddenly get sick because they are not prepared for the potential health problems that could harm them.


Summary on the Great Dane Chihuahua mix.


The Chihuahua and the Great Dane are two beautiful breeds, and why they are the favorite breeds in the world. Although it may seem like a myth, it is difficult to find a mix of Great Dane and Chihuahua. Breeding these puppies is challenging and many people do not dare to do so. It is impossible for these species to reproduce naturally. So many breeders are moving towards artificial insemination. But the cost of artificial insemination is a lot. Finally, we can say that the Great Dane and Chihuahua mixture is a very rare and expensive variety you will not find it easily. So it is less likely to own one.

Chihuahua and Great Dane are some of the rarest species in the world. Only those who can afford the medical breeding process are the owners of this unusual puppy. If you find this breed in any way, be prepared to empty your bank. Their breeding requires careful artificial insemination, which costs a lot of money, and their premium charges are high because they are exceptionally high.

Under no circumstances should the Great Dane be bred with Chihuahua. This type of work should be left to professional breeders. Both the Great Dane and the Chihuahua are dog breeds with attractive characters. If you currently have this rare breed of dog, then you are lucky and you need to take good care of this dog and build a friendly relationship. At last, they are good dogs.


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